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Conscious Caregiving with L & L

Two of the leading voices in senior health care and everything Dementia are joining forces to help combat, inform, educate, and advise people dealing with everything we all eventually have to deal with - growing old. Lance A. Slatton, a case manager of Enriched Life Home Care Services (ELHCS) in Livonia, MI and host of the award-winning All Home Care Matters YouTube show and podcast, and Lori La Bey, one of the most respected and well-known voices in Dementia care and founder of Alzheimer’s Speaks, will co-produce a new show called Conscious Caregiving with L & L. The new show will take place once a month, featuring leading experts and influencers across the senior care spectrum and will focus on senior care topics and issues.

Conscious Caregiving with L & L Episodes

June 6, 2024

Mental Health and Seniors

The topic of this episode is on "Mental Health and Seniors" and features Dr. Linda Ganzenmuller, Olivia Block, and Christina Keys.

Mental Health and Seniors – What You Need To Know

Learn more about our expert panel and resources put together by Conscious Caregiving with L&L to discuss Mental Health and Seniors.

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Alzheimer's Speaks

Lori La Bey, Alzheimer's Speaks

“There is a gap in services today, addressing critical issues in an open format,” says La Bey, who also is the co-founder of Dementia Map and author of Betty the Bald Chicken – Lesson in How to Care. “One that is inclusive and not designed for a set outcome, but one that allows a variety of voices to be heard. I believe it’s through this inclusive nature, that Conscious Caregiving with L & L will be able to bring passionate partners and visionaries together to create a better world.”

La Bey believes that by having conscious conversations in a respectful manner, we can reach a broader audience where all feel valued, heard, and inspired.

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All Home Care Matters

Lance A. Slatton, All Home Care Matters

"All Home Care Matters is excited to be partnering with one of the foremost experts and names in the dementia care community, Lori La Bey. We are looking forward to helping and supporting the countless caregivers caring for their loved ones, along with professional care partners, by providing resources to help make these challenges a little easier.”

“This partnership with Lori was an easy decision for us to make. When you look at the leading voices in dementia care and in this space you quickly come to the realization that Lori La Bey has been helping families and their loved ones for a very long time and has widespread respect and admiration for all that she has done and continues to do for so many families facing these long-term care issues."

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About ELHCS / All Home Care Matters

Enriched Life Home Care Services (ELHCS) in Livonia has been named the No. 1 home care company in Michigan the last two years by Top Rated Local. ELHCS provides care for people throughout southeastern Michigan. In May 2020, ELHCS launched All Home Care Matters, a YouTube program focused on long-term care issues. The show, hosted by Lance A. Slatton CSCM, has more than 122,000 YouTube subscribers and 65,000 daily podcast downloads. The show also was a 2023 29th annual AIVA Communicator Award Recipient (Academy of Interactive Visual Arts).

Visit the official YouTube channel at or listen to the show on Apple Podcast and their Official Website.

About Alzheimer's Speaks

Alzheimer's Speaks is a Minnesota-based advocacy group and media outlet making an international impact by providing education and support for those dealing with Dementia. Founder Lori La Bey is an inspiring speaker who has committed her life to changing our dementia care culture. Lori has been recognized by Oprah as a "Health Hero" and AARP MN as an "Inspiring Leader and Disruptor.” Maria Shriver called her an "Architect of Change" and Sharecare named her "The #1 Influencer Online for Alzheimer's." Alzheimer’s Speaks was named the No. 1 Alzheimer’s Podcast for the past several years.

Visit their Official Website, listen to the show on Apple Podcast, or go to their official YouTube channel.

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